• Store unsweetened cocoa powder in an airtight container in a dark, cool place and it will stay fresh for 2 years.

  • Stop the top of your brownies from crumbling when you cut them by turning the cooled brownies upside down onto the cutting board and cut from the bottom.

  • Replace chocolate chips with chunks from a candy bar for chunkier chocolate chip cookies.

  • To make cake batter very fluffy and light let all the ingredients get to room temperature before combining.

  • Place a small cup upside down over the hole of your bundt pan to prevent batter spills inside the hole when you're pouring.

  • Keep oven door closed for the first quarter hour of baking to prevent cake collapse.

  • When baking cake from a mix, use the plastic bag it came in to put over your hand for greasing the cake pan.

  • To crush cracker or cookies, place them into a plastic storage bag and use a rolling pin.

  • To prevent the edges of muffins from over browning, place a couple cups water in a pan on the lowest oven rack and the steam will prevent the over browning.

  • Pecans can be bought in bulk and frozen wrapped in tin foil for about 6 months.

  • Nuts that have been stored at room temperature can become soft after a while. Refreshen them by toasting for five minutes at 350 degrees, mixing occasionally.

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